University of Minnesota


Amy Toscani

Amy Toscani (born 1963, Dayton, OH)

Untitled, 2008

Stainless steel

30 ft. h X 35 ft. w X 25 ft. w and 5 ft. h X 10 ft. w X 10 ft. w

Location: Outside and inside the Molecular and Cellular Biology Building, east bank campus

The exterior sculpture for the Molecular and Cellular Biology Building is conceived to function on two main levels. One purpose is to act as a gateway to the science and medical campus. I wanted to make a landmark for the area that was monumental and highly visible. I wanted to create a piece that would graphically “pack a punch” within a split second as the street traffic speeds by, and at the same time, create a more intimate, atmospheric experience for the pedestrian. I often imagine what it will be like to move through this sculpture. I visualize the ever-changing perspectives of the spheres and their relationship to my body. It’s a form that universally references a variety of disciplines without being specific to one. I foresee the general public will be able to identify, to a greater extent, where they are within the University of Minnesota’s campus.

This artwork will proudly herald the biological sciences. It also functions as a centerpiece in the courtyard area. My hope is that students find it welcoming and dynamic, that it gives a sense of place and focus to the campus. My intention is that it gives a feeling of atmosphere and/or shelter. I want the work to inspire its’ viewers, that it awakens their minds to potentiality. When art is at its’ best it is unexpected and full of wonderment. The color adds to the rhythm and the balance of the sculpture. It carries the eye through out the composition. There is a quality of optimism and levity within the sculpture. It almost floats. I see the exterior sculpture representing science in a general way, to a greater number of people. It is my hope that these works will act as visual and community anchors.

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