University of Minnesota

The Ribs of Humanity

Craig David

Craig David (born 1952, Saint Paul, MN)

The Ribs of Humanity, 2010


17 ft. h X 4 ft. w

Location: Outside Hanson Hall, west bank campus

The concept of “The Ribs of Humanity” has been ruminating in my mind and psyche for a long time. The thread of discovery has played itself out in my paintings and sculptural installations over the past thirty years. Figures emerge, gathering around a fire. Conversations between abstracted personifications seem to project our destiny…always unknown, yet hopefully within our grasp to control. It is a celebration of the primordial warmth and social aspects of gathering around the fire. It is a study of personal reflection. It is a moment that we seek to understand how our judgments affect us, and our world around us. It is the conscious understanding of the decisions we make together in alliances. It is a deep, conceptual, courageous look into how we live our lives and why.

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