University of Minnesota

Pressure, Tension, Stress, Release

Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen (born 1957, White Plains, NY)

Pressure, Tension Stress, Release, 2004

Dichroic glass and acrylic with LED lights

6- 18 in. columns, 30 ft. h, 16 ft. h, and 6 ft. h

Location: Outside on west façade of the Recreational Sports Building, east bank campus

Light energy is life energy. The full spectrum of visible sun light between ultra violet and infrared provides the basis for life on earth. Light energy is dynamic, changing in quality, quantity and character over time, by day, by season, by year.

The recreational sports facility is about the full spectrum of human energy, from extreme exertion to rest and rejuvenation. The artwork reflects the qualities of the activities in the facility. It is dynamic, changing over time. The color and reflective character of the materials appears to change with different viewer perspectives and different ambient light conditions, such as direct sunlight versus diffuse cloud scattered light. By day the composition reflects light whereas by night the piece emits light.

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