University of Minnesota


Peter Woytuk

Peter Woytuk (born 1958, Saint Paul, MN)

Untitled, 2001

Cast bronze

4 ft. h X 7 ft. w X 13 ft. l, 6 ft. h X 7 ft. w X 10 ft. l, 7 ft. h X 7 ft. w X 11 ft. l

Location: Southeast corner of The Lawn, Saint Paul campus

The inspiration for the bulls probably had its origins at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, just a stone’s throw from where the sculpture resides. As a young sculptor I remember being struck by a number of enormous reclining bulls inside the livestock barn at the fairgrounds. I was particularly taken by the contours of their backs and their great, almost sprawling mass.

Years later, working in northwestern Connecticut I noticed the similarity between the shapes and lines of the hills around my studio and the contours and silhouette of the bulls I had seen years earlier. Thus the idea of the bulls as enormous landscape was formed.

I want the viewer to be overwhelmed by these larger than life bovine masses as I was years ago at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

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